The Value of Animals

What values do humans place on animals?
How much are we selling animals for?
Does it even matter?
Shouldn't the question be: why are we selling beings in the first place?
In placing a market value on an animal, what is society missing out on—in other words: what are the remarkable and unique characteristics of objectified animals (the real value of animals)?
What are the ethical implications of assigning a cold statistic to the worth of animals?
What kind of things do animals contribute to our society that make them valuable in and of theselves?

Permalink This being is worth so much more than 93.25 cents a pound.
Permalink Shark fins can cost up to $600 per pound.
Sharks have an undeserved reputation that has been perpetuated by human ignorance…
Permalink This being is worth more than 85 cents a pound. 
Permalink Taxes pay over $16 million each year to fund tests on these beings.
It’s unnecessary and an insult to their intelligence and dignity. 
Permalink 4 to 5 million of these beings die annually due to the business of pet mills and lack of adoption.
Instead of treating animals as gifts or objects of folly, please adopt. 
Permalink This being is worth much more than $1.96 a pound. 
Permalink This amazing being should not be tortured just for our entertainment in circuses. Live animal entertainment is cruel and unnecessary.